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What is a mau mau

what is a mau mau

The Mau Mau Uprising, also known as the Mau Mau Rebellion, Mau Mau Revolt, or Kenya Emergency, was a military conflict that took place in British Kenya  Result ‎: ‎British victory. tr.v. mau·maued, mau · mau ·ing, mau·maus Often Offensive. To attack or denounce vociferously, especially so as to intimidate. a member of a secret society of Kikuyu tribesmen in Kenya, organized c. to fight against white rule: both the movement and its suppression were marked by. In anderen Projekten Commons. The British government initially took the same stance it the cases brought Kenyans, members of the Mau-Mau tribe that also accused the colonial power of torture. Histories of the Hanged: Kenyatta verfügte durch sein politisches Engagement und seine Schriften über enorme Popularität unter den Kikuyu. By Kikuyu fighters, along with some Embu and Meru recruits, were attacking political opponents and raiding white settler farms and destroying livestock. This was a dirty war. Hier wurden unter anderem die Panikreaktion der Kolonialherren und die Erklärung des Ausnahmezustandes als Mitursache für Mau-Mau betont. Changing Kenyatta Day to Mashujaa Day is not just an innocuous and harmless exercise in constitutional semantics. As the movement progressed, a Swahili backronym was adopted: Colonial officers also saw the second sort of works camps as a way of ensuring that any confession was legitimate and as a final opportunity to extract intelligence. Retrieved 13 April Kariuki, a member of Mau Mau who was detained during the conflict, postulates that the British preferred to use the term Mau Mau instead of KLFA in an attempt to deny the Mau Mau rebellion international legitimacy.

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Mau Mau Crisis Ende der er Jahre lebten ca. It may well be thought strange, or perhaps even dishonourable, that a legal system which will not in any circumstances admit into its proceedings evidence obtained by torture should yet refuse to entertain a claim against the Government in its own jurisdiction for that Government's allegedly negligent failure to prevent torture which it had the means to prevent. They included 'assault by beating up and burning of two Africans during screening [interrogation]' and one officer accused of 'murder by beating up and roasting alive of one African'. The capture of rebel leader Dedan Kimathi on 21 October signalled the defeat of the Mau Mau, and ended the British military campaign. Der Mangel an eigenem Farmland zur Unterhaltung der Familien sowie die Besteuerung zwang viele junge Afrikaner als billige Arbeitskräfte auf die europäischen Farmen. Andere landwirtschaftliche Produkte wie Mais oder Getreide durften nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg nur noch zu einem festgesetzten Preis auf den Markt gebracht werden.

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